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Lady ANION USA - The last generation of feminine pads, the same team.

The same team of researchers that created "Love Moon" (the first sanitary napkin pad with negative ions), brings you a new and improved product called Lady ANION. Better than the first product launched under the name "Love Moon", this new product  evolved based on the feeback received during the last 3 years  of growth in the new technology(negative ions) on the market ;  it brings a lot of improvements and some new features.

Maximized protection, new and improved features

With a high absorbtion degree, and the  highest protection agains secondary contamination, with a density of negative ions of 6200 per square centimeter (higher with almost 300 anions than previous pads), with a brand new Far-IR incorporated technology  (low infrared emission for blood microcirculation and imunitary system) - we can now  say  - LadyANION is the cutting edge in the sanitary napkin pads industry.

In working closely with Logistics Global Ltd - the company which distributes these Hi-Tech products in EU (and other global markets) - the research team produced what we can proudly call  the next generation of sanitary napkin pads

1) Why are Lady Anion sanitary different and special?

The anion chip with Far Infrared Rays (in the frequency range of human body radiation) has the ability to generate a flow of

anions with concentration of 5810 negative ions in a cubic centimeter of air due to the friction and the heat emitted from

the body.* Along with the Far Infrared Rays, our Anion technology products Negative Ions; together they may support

normal healthy skin and a feeling of personal freshness.*

2) Why are Lady Anion sanitary pads breathable?

The ventilated base layer has the ability to let air through but not liquids, eliminating moisture and heat.*

3) Why are Lady Anion sanitary pads not scented?

Scent does not mean cleanliness and hygiene. In addition, it is well known that women can be prone to allergic reactions

when using scented sanitary pads and can also experience increasing genital itching pre and post menstrual.

4) What are the advantages of the packaging?

Normally sanitary pads are stored in bathrooms. Warm and humid rooms are a favorable environment for proliferation of

various bacteria. Lady Anion sanitary pads packaging is made of foil that is used in the food industry and is suitable for

reuse, it can be opened and closed many times.

5) What are the advantages of packing every individual pad within the packaging?

Even if you leave the pack open, the individual pads are hermetically sealed which preserves their sterility. They can be kept

in a handbag or another place without compromising their sterility.

6) What are the advantages of the materials used for their production?

The fine cotton surface provides a pleasant feel, freely permeates liquids and does not provoke allergic reactions. The

absorbent material has the ability to absorb more than common absorbents, thus providing better protection. The

absorbent is wrapped in dust-free non-recycled paper. This is important because recycled paper, despite the processing,

may contain substances that are harmful to the health of women. The glue used is food-based; therefore, it is not harmful

should any remain on the undergarments after washing.

7) What is the purpose of the self-test card?

The purpose of the self-test card is to allow you to test your genital pH at a convenient time and comfortable place and if

necessary to see a specialist.* To obtain correct results from your self-test please read the instructions for use on the back

of the packaging.*

8) For how long do the sanitary pads generate anions (negative ions)?

The duration of anion generation by Lady Anion sanitary pads is 10-12 hours.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

Revised 11/20/10

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